What Foods Go With Which Events

Menu for a wedding reception

Finding good caterers for your event is extremely important to even having a successful affair. Many people base the success of an event on the food that was served as well as the beverages so you want to make sure that you have the appropriate types of caters for your event in particular. There is a lot about the catering business that goes unnoticed but it covers a lot of things. Professional catering services usually offer a whole range of delightful items from their menus in any combination that you request.

Cocktail Party
This will need cocktails of course and elegant drinks. An hors doeuvres menu would not be out of order and is, in fact, recommended by event event catering services in order to make the event feel classier. Generally speaking, there is no sit down meal at a cocktail party and clean finger foods are your best bet. Good caterers may also offer a wait staff that are familiar with any of the unique types of foods that are being served. This will help the guests not to be embarrassed if they don’t know how a certain food is supposed to be eaten. I had the experience of attending a fancy event with someone who didn’t realize that coconut shrimp still needed to have the tails removed and immediately popped the whole thing in her mouth. She couldn’t figure out why it was so crunchy. An informed wait staff of good caterers can be a life saver in those situations.

Graduation or Game Time Parties
Many people like to throw parties for each other or for their children when they graduate or when they have won an important high school or college game. These types of parties tend to be a little more informal for the most part. The options for food are limitless. You can serve anything from grilled chicken to burgers and hot dogs. If you want a sit down meal you could find good caterers that will whip up several different kinds of pastas and salads so that the meal is still informal but classier than a cheeseburger. There’s also the option of a themed meal if the party has a theme. If a student graduated after taking a language, the party could be designed after that culture. For example, Latin food after a Spanish course would be appropriate and it fairly inexpensive also.

Having your food catered for a wedding is a little different. You still have options of types of food, but the way it is served is the more important factor. You could have a set amount per plate that is given out like at a restaurant or you could opt for buffet style. Either method could encompass any number of foods such as chicken alfredo, steak, vegetarian options and more. It really just depends on what you like and how much you are willing to pay. While you probably wouldn’t want to serve something like pizza at a wedding, it’s been done before. Again, there is no wrong answer when it comes to picking food to be catered at a wedding. It’s just a matter of being common or unusual.

Kids Parties
Catering for a kids party is helpful because there is always so much to get done and to do even during the party, it’s great when the food is already taken care of. Mothers are usually the ones running the show and since they are more often than not, the cooks, catering companies understand their need for help. Simple foods that do not make a big mess should be served a kids party as kids can tend to be pretty picky and if there are little ones there, they like to make a mess!

There is a certain etiquette to catering food for events, you just have to look into it. A good catering company will be able to advise you on the types of foods that are normally eaten at your particular event. Having the right food will help to avoid the guests’ judgement of the type of party it is and will ensure that your affair or event or party is the talk of the season, in a good way.

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