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What Does a Hibachi Restaurant Serve?

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A YouTube video by Bite My Bun titled “The Difference Between Teppanyaki and Hibachi Grilling” discusses these cuisines by a Japanese chef. The major difference is the method of cooking or grilling used. Teppanyaki is Japanese cooking on a flat grill that became popular in 1945 for American tourists. These chefs are known for specialized culinary skills, knife skills, and flipping food when cooking in front of customers. This style of cooking uses little oil and fresh ingredients: beef, poultry, and seafood.

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They also use special sauces and seasonings. The flat grills in these restaurants are often heated with propane.

Hibachi cooking in a hibachi restaurant is over a container or bowl filled with charcoal that cooks food over an open flame on an open grate. In hibachi restaurants, they often serve beef, poultry, and seafood with vegetables and rice. They use different sauces and have other traditional Japanese appetizers and menu items. Hibachi cooking is a traditional style of Japanese cooking that originated in Japan and was used in their households. This cooking method dates back to 1185. This cooking device is like a small barbecue and the term means fire bowl.

This video discusses both styles of Japanese cooking and the differences between them and their history. Both are popular choices in America.

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