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How to Fix a Gas Stove Ignitor

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Our gas range is one of the most used appliances. It helps us to prepare delicious and yummy meals for the family. However, some days are unlucky days that you find out that your gas stove is not functioning.

Here are some quick repair tips on how you can do gas stove repairs in your home.

Step 1: You need to access the gas valve.

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The first step is that you need to access the gas valve behind the stove. Turn the valve off. It will allow the valve to stop the flow of gas. It gives you a safety measure to do the next few steps.

Step 2: Look for the ignitor of the stove.
The ignitor will be visible on the top of the stove. If you have a standard gas stove, you have to lift the stovetop upward to access the ignitors below.

Step 3: Remove and replace the ignitor.
You can now remove the old or malfunctioned ignitor and replace it with the new one. Put the new ignitor back on the stove. Ensure that you put all the wires in proper order and see how it works.

Step 4: Check if it works.
You can see if it is working if the ignitor turns red and there is a little spark. Turn the gas regulator on, and you are good to go.

For a better understanding of gas stove repairs, watch this video.

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