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Whats The Secret to Great Homemade Pizza?

Pizza is always a family favorite for dinner. But restaurant prices, delivery fees, and tips all add up. Instead of ordering out for your pie, why not try to make your own delicious creation at home?

Many folks are hesitant about homemade pizza and claim it never tastes as good as a slice from a pizzeria.

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But this is simply because most of us aren’t doing it right. There are a few simple but very effective tricks to perfecting homemade pizza.

Hydration is key to a dough that crisps underneath but still maintains a delightfully soft center. Many home cooks make the mistake of under-hydrating the dough. Make sure your dough is probably hydrated with water or oil.

Another common mistake that can lead to a dry, cardboard-like crust is too much time in the oven. Pizza is best when it’s cooked in the shortest amount of time possible. This means you’ll need to dial your oven up to temperatures you might not normally use. And don’t leave your pie in too long! The cheese on a homemade pizza will not achieve the dark golden hue of a restaurant pizza. This is because your oven cannot reach the same temperatures as an industrial oven. So don’t fear if your pizza doesn’t look like a pizzeria’s! It’s still bound to taste scrumptious..

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