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Why is Little Caesars Pizza so Cheap?

Why is Little Caesars Pizza so Cheap? post thumbnail image

Little Caesars pizza is quickly becoming a favorite brand of pizza in the United States. One reason for this success is their affordability. Their pizzas can be bought for under $6. How is it possible to make pizza this cheap? In this video, you will learn Little Caesars secret.

Little Caesars had two choices when entering the pizza market. They could either focus on quality or price.

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They chose price at the expense of quality. If you are looking for a quality pizza, check out a local pizzeria.

In order to make their pizza so cheap, Little Caesars starts with the cheapest ingredients. They only use Mozzarella cheese because it is the cheapest. The sauce comes from concentrate in a bag. This speeds up the process of making the pizza and makes the sauce cheaper. However, Little Caesars does make their own dough. However, it is actually more cost effective for them to make their own dough. The other way they keep costs down is by not having to maintain a dining area. They only do pickup instead. They also rely on 3rd party companies such as DoorDash for deliveries. The end result is a pizza that cost between $2 and $2.50 for them to produce.


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