A Look Inside a Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant

A Look Inside a Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant post thumbnail image

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant? These kinds of restaurants are very expensive to eat at, but you may not realize that this is for good reason, especially if the restaurant wants to maintain its star status. In this video, you will learn what goes on inside these kinds of restaurants. You will get a look at how they make their food and why they charge so much for it and what goes into making the food taste so great.

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The video begins by showing how a special kind of ravioli is made. There are many steps and a lot of ingredients that go into making them. The truffle that is part of the ingredients is also very expensive to obtain in the first place. It also shows what goes into obtaining the truffles and the business decisions that the restaurant needs to make regarding them. For example, they can charge more if they sell the truffles right away, but the truffles will also taste better if they wait to let them mature a little bit.


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