How a Sons Brilliant Marketing Saved Their Family Restaurant

How a Sons Brilliant Marketing Saved Their Family Restaurant post thumbnail image

The pandemic has been hard on many small business owners. This is especially true of many family restaurants that had to only operate doing delivery for a while. Many of these restaurants had to shut down.

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It can already be hard enough to find an authentic Mexican restaurant. Like so many others, it looked like Nico and his son would have to close their Mexican restaurant. Carlos said his father tried to hide it, but it was quite apparent that he was sad at the thought of closing his beloved restaurant of ten years. However, Carlos had other ideas.

Carlos said that his family never gives up and so he would not give up on their restaurant and their dreams. Carlos used his knowledge of social media such as TikTok to create a video about the restaurant to share with the masses. The video simply showed a before cut of his father being excited about opening for the day and an after cut of his father being sad when nobody shows up. This video drew the attention and sympathy of millions of internet users. Many of them have shown up at the restaurant to try the food for themselves. They have also come to realize just how good this food is. The truth is, there are many other local restaurants just like this with amazing food but little turnout. This is why you should consider visiting a local family-owned restaurant in your area.


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